Hair Transplant Reviews

Hair Transplant Patient Reviews

The following hair transplant reviews have been supplied to us from our happy patients.

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Very good2%

I’m pleased with results I’m seeing

May 4, 2023

Jennifer, hi. Thanks for checking in. Time flies. I’m pleased with results I’m seeing. I’ll try and take some pics this weekend.

Anthony V.

I am very pleased at this point !

May 4, 2023

Hi Jennifer,

I don’t have anything to add besides, I am very pleased at this point ! In the event I need more one day, I will be sure to contact you all again ! Thank you.


My hair growth is coming along

April 19, 2023

Hi Jennifer,

Yes, my hair growth is coming along. I have a “wave” of hair in the front. I actually met with Dr. Kahen a few weeks ago with no issues to report.

Thanks for the follow up!


Very happy with the outcome

April 3, 2023

Good morning!

I’m currently satisfied with my results and think I will wait awhile. I figure I’ll need the hair at some point so will stick with my current results until I really need it. Currently very happy with the outcome and very glad I chose the treatment.

Reid K.

Everything is going great

March 14, 2023

Well thank you sweetheart that’s very nice of you yes it’s 4 months today I may have some new regrowth not sure but everything is going great very happy thank you for getting in touch with me I really appreciate it you’re very sweet lady that is why I chose you in the first place you’re easy to talk to and I believe you do care.

That’s what this world lacks today is people caring and being nice keep it up sweetheart.😍

Dave D.

Growth is coming in amazingly!!

March 13, 2023

Hey Jen, growth is coming in amazingly!! Soo happy with it. Thank you.

Tamberli W.

I am where I wanted to be

February 8, 2023

Thanks for all of your help during this process … including the storm! I am where I wanted to be … just looking normal …fixing the ‘ mess’ that the 1980’s doctors did …doing plugs!

Ironically, being older( ok – old) I would probably not do anything… knowing what I know now. LOL.

Micropigmentation ( just so you know)… is a good augmentation in some cases like mine… (This pic just before micro.; still much better than before implantation.)

Stay well; you have been most ‘honorable’ throughout this process and … for what it is worth … from an ‘old vuy’ ….I am proud of you!!

Isaac G.

Everything is still going well

February 6, 2023

Hello Jennifer,

Everything is still going well and my results are holding.

For now, I don’t feel a need for any type of consultation. However, if a need ever arises, you all will be my first choice.

Thank you

Jonathan W.

A great experience

February 6, 2023

I’m doing okay. Surprisingly no swelling like the last time. Thanks for checking in. Dr. Kleinman and his team made it a great experience.

Thanks Jenn

Simone W.

Pleased with the results!

February 1, 2023

Hey Jenn!! I’ve been pretty pleased with the results! Let’s see how the next couple of months play out. I’ll send some pics then!


Very Pleased

January 30, 2023

Hi Jennifer, it’s coming in nicely, very pleased. I find myself advocating for your outfit, praising the procedure and the people involved. Looking forward to future growth, the hair is fine like baby hair, and I know it will get thicker. Once again Thank You

John D.

All went well

January 26, 2023

All went well – I really liked the Dr. Katona and his team. Will let you know how the results come in.

Jay W.

Procedure went well

January 26, 2023

Hi Jennifer,

I’m feeling pretty good. The procedure went well. Tina and the girls are awesome!

Thank you for checking that for me…I appreciate it.

Thank you for all your help as always!


Very happy with procedure and results

January 10, 2023

Happy New Year!

Very happy with procedure and results. Don’t think i need anymore.

Tim P.

Happy with my results

January 10, 2023

Hi Jennifer

I am happy with my results and it doesn’t look like I may need more thickening at this point.

Thanks for checking with me.