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Hair Transplant News

2605, 2016

The best hair transplant option for clients in Charlotte, NC

May 26, 2016|

If you're looking for a hair transplant surgeon to help you combat your thinning hair, the most obvious place to look is in your local town, right? In some cases, perhaps, however that's not how the story played out for North Carolina resident Brian Turner. After initially searching for a [...]

104, 2016

What are the best hair restoration products?

April 1, 2016|

En español » Before you consider which are the best hair restoration products to buy, it is important to understand why we lose our hair in the first place. Male pattern hair loss is called androgenic alopecia for a reason. Its the result of hormones (androgens) and a genetic predisposition. [...]

2303, 2016

Bad hair transplants and how to avoid them

March 23, 2016|

The 70's and 80's were synonymous with bad hair transplants. The techniques available back then were nowhere near as advanced as they are today, and regulation of the industry was sparse and ineffective. Things have changed significantly since then, and thankfully bad hair transplants are largely a thing of the [...]

2203, 2016

What causes sudden hair loss in women?

March 22, 2016|

When a sudden loss of hair is experienced, the exact cause is not always clear. Both men and women experience this problem, although women are more susceptible to sudden and rapid hair loss than men, most likely due to an increased occurrence of hormone imbalance. It's no surprise then, that [...]

1803, 2016

Hair transplant offer for El Paso residents

March 18, 2016|

Some things are worth paying for. Discounts and cheap prices aren't always a good thing. Never is this more true than in the context of hair restoration surgery. However, I am pleased to say we have a genuine offer for El Paso residents who are considering hair transplant surgery to [...]

1503, 2016

Hair transplant prices in Fort Worth, TX

March 15, 2016|

Prices for hair transplant surgery in Fort Worth are virtually on par with prices in neighboring Dallas, and the rest of the United States. The average cost is $6.00 per graft, each graft consisting of a single follicular unit, usually a cluster of 2-3 hairs. This per-graft quotation model is [...]

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