Hair Transplant Consultation Preview

Hair Transplant CandidateDuring your introductory meeting with your surgeon, you will review your family history of hair loss as well as your personal history. We will go over  whether you’ve had other elective hair transplant procedures and evaluate your hair growth and loss and discuss your expectations.

You will be advised that you ask your doctor to give you an idea of what to expect with regard to procedure, healing time, and what your final outcome will look like.

Your surgeon will ask about your lifestyle and share with you results you can expect when complete. Medical conditions that could cause problems during or after surgery. This includes uncontrolled high blood pressure, blood-clotting or the tendency to form excessive scars should all be discussed in detail.

You should tell your surgeon of ANY medications you regularly take or have taken within the past few weeks, as well as provide an overview of your health. Do not be bashful. Our surgeons have “heard it all.” We need full, accurate information to make the most informed decision about our best course of treatment.

When you leave the office we want you to understand your procedure completely. If you do not, stay , and ask questions, until you do. Be sure you understand the amount of time required for each graft procedure, the number of sessions predicted for your individual case, and the number of grafts performed during each session.