Hair Transplant Patient Advisors

Experienced. Professional. Trusted.

Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds boasts over 23 years of experience in the hair industry. With a background as a surgical assistant, he transitioned into the role of a patient advisor, assisting thousands in their hair restoration journey. His extensive knowledge spans both surgical and non-surgical procedures, making him a valuable resource for patients.

Having worked closely with hair restoration surgeons for over 12 years, Patrick is not only knowledgeable but also a former hair restoration patient himself. Originally from Virginia Beach, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University before venturing to Washington DC to expand his expertise. Eventually returning to Virginia Beach to start a family, Patrick is a devoted husband and father to three active boys. In his free time, he enjoys chauffeuring his sons to various activities and exploring local golf courses.

Steve August

Hair Transplant Patient Adviser - Steve AugustSteve has over 20 years experience as a leader in health, wellness and functional nutrition.

He has made a career of helping others and believes in honest relationships and strives to always put his clients well-being as his first priority.

He enjoys spending his time with Family, playing baseball and weight training.