Manhattan, NY Surgeon

Our Manhattan, NY hair transplant surgeon is a Board Certified specialist in Facial Plastic and Head and Neck Surgery, as well as Fellowship trained in Hair Restoration Medicine and Surgery. He was among the inaugural members of the first hospital-affiliated Fellowship program dedicated to Hair Restoration, with a particular emphasis on the Robotic technique. His training took place at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, in PA.

Furthermore, our surgeon is a committed medical educator, actively participating, presenting, and instructing other surgeons at Facial Plastic Surgery conferences on Hair Restoration topics. He served for 6 years as a member of the AOCOO-HNS Board of Examiners, contributing to the preparation and delivery of board certification written and oral examinations for other surgeons within his specialty. Moreover, he has lectured nationally and internationally, serving as a featured lecturer for 9 years at the AOCOO-HNS annual meeting. Additionally, he holds the position of Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at Geisinger Commonwealth Medical College and acts as a clinical educator with the Wright Center Family Practice residency program.

Furthermore, his family legacy in the hair industry, spanning three generations, underscores his deep-rooted passion and commitment to excellence in hair-related fields. Beyond medicine, his attention to detail and natural artistry are evident in his pursuits, including furniture design, where he excels as a master woodworker.