Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

The LaserCap HD

Reclaim your natural hair with LaserCap – the first laser hair growth cap that is approved by the FDA to address male and female pattern hair loss. LaserCap revitalizes dormant hair follicles through Low-Level-Laser Therapy (LLLT), a secure and completely natural treatment that has been scientifically validated to stimulate hair regrowth in males and females. Say goodbye to hair loss worries by utilizing the powerful laser therapy of The Original LaserCap, conveniently in the privacy of your own home.

Introducing the LaserCap HD kit, the ultimate solution for male and female pattern hair loss that is approved by the FDA. This revolutionary kit features 224 laser diodes, providing a powerful prescription-strength dose of light energy (3.23 J/cm²) directly to the hair follicles. Experience the convenience of portability and discretion with the LaserCap HD. Simply use this hair growth laser cap for a mere 30 minutes every other day, and witness the transformation of your hair into a thicker and healthier state.

3.23 J/cm² Energy Dose
Standard Coverage Area
224 Laser Diodes

The LaserCap HD is best for

  • Moderate, more advanced hair loss
  • Hair loss on vertex/crown (top of head)

Hollywood Instant Hair

The Hollywood Instant Hair line boasts products of the highest quality. Made with top-grade hair fibers, they provide comprehensive coverage for balding or thinning areas while also adding volume to your existing hair. Additionally, the Hairline Optimizer helps to create a smoother hairline. With a 100% natural, non-surgical approach to hair restoration, Hollywood Instant Hair products use organic protein and are completely safe and effective for use at any time.

  • Perfect for both Men &  Women
  • Highest Quality Keratin Hair Fibers
  • 100% Money Back Effectiveness Guarantee
  • Covers Thin Hairlines & Balding Areas
  • Rain, Wind, Perspiration Resistant
  • Stays On Until You Shampoo Out
  • 100% Undetectable in Appearance