If you’re considering hair transplant surgery, you should aim for nothing but the best, regardless of your budget. Ultimately the skill of your surgeon dictates the quality of your result, and there are some things in life that you simply cannot afford to cut corners on.

If you live in Austin, thankfully you have a number of quality options at your disposal. In Austin itself, there are around 8 hair transplant clinics to choose from. From these, we believe that 3 of them offer the kind of reputation and track record you should be looking for. However, you should seriously consider traveling to Houston for your procedure, and here’s why.

Do we guarantee quality?

Quality can only be guaranteed through experience and reputation, and in Houston, we offer nothing but the very best. Our surgeon, Dr Carlos J. Puig, is a board certified hair transplant doctor, world renowned for his exceptional results. To find out more, see this link.

Ultimately you should choose the surgeon that you’re most comfortable with.

However, when a physician of Dr Puig’s caliber is made available through Hair Restoration Centers, you have to seriously consider why you would choose anywhere else.

Guaranteed results by a world class physician, for the lowest rate available anywhere in the United States? Now you know why so many men from Austin travel to Houston for their hair transplant surgery – because the deal is just too good to miss.