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Hair Loss is a touchy subject for everyone. Whether you’re going through the natural stages of aging or going through some hormonal or medical reasons for the loss- you want to make sure you find a doctor who is going to be gentle, knowledgeable and on your side. A patient wants a doctor who is highly experienced in their field of expertise, empathetic towards their patients, and an artist who strives for perfection when it comes to his work.

Our Orlando surgeon is an American Board certified Physician who specializes in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery, hair transplant, and regenerative medicine. This physician is one of Orlando’s most distinguished cosmetic doctors with over two decades of medical experience. He is a renowned mentor; teacher and educator who has spent the last decade mastering aesthetic and regenerative medicine. ISSCA, ACCMA & CMA certified, trust him to have all the best skills to help you find the right treatment solution for you. With over 7000 Hair Procedures performed, you are in the best hands.

We offer the latest treatments for hair loss, ensuring patient results are extraordinary. Each patient is provided with the highest level of personal attention and care. The staff is personally trained to work as a team with his clients to achieve the greatest results.

Surgeon Experience:

  • Hair transplants
  • Cosmetic/Aestheic Surgery
  • Regenerative Medicine

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