Beverly Hills & Sherman Oaks Surgeon

Our Los Angeles (Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks) surgeon is one of the Country’s top cosmetic surgeons, world-renowned physician, surgical inventor, and surgical instructor.

Developing a passion for medicine early in life, he chose to forge a career path that would allow him to significantly shape and improve people’s lives.

Our surgeon participated in his first Fellowship in Facial and Body Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery under former President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He then returned to Southern California to perform a second Fellowship, with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

He has set the standard for excellence in cosmetic surgery. Boarded in General Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery, he is one of only three physicians in Southern California authorized by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery to operate and offer a Fellowship Program to train other surgeons to perform cosmetic surgery.

This surgeon is a skilled hair transplant surgeon with an eye for recreating the natural hairline. He currently performs a wide variety of hair transplant surgeries ranging from the very delicate work of eyelash transplants to strip harvest hair transplants for male pattern baldness. He has been deemed by his staff and patients as one of the most caring and considerate cosmetic surgeons in the hair transplant realm. He takes his time in everything that he does to ensure the patient’s comfort and perfectly natural outcome. Whether it take 6 hours or 12 hours, our surgeon is the most patient and artistic cosmetic surgeon that has walked into an operating room. As a hair transplant patient himself, he knows what his patients experience therefore he goes out of his way to make sure their experience is exceptional.