If you’re looking for a hair transplant surgeon to help you combat your thinning hair, the most obvious place to look is in your local town, right? In some cases, perhaps, however that’s not how the story played out for North Carolina resident Brian Turner. After initially searching for a hair transplant doctor in his home city of Charlotte, Brian looked further afield and was surprised by what he discovered.

The rise of cheap domestic flights within the United States has changed the way people search for a hair transplant doctor. With the entire nation within a relatively short, low-cost journey, clients are able to take advantage of the best deals available from clinics across the United States, not just in their immediate locality. In Brian’s case, he found a much better hair transplant deal by looking outside of Charlotte, NC.

Let’s not forget that our quotations were for a procedure with none other than Dr. Andrew Kleinman, one of the world’s most respected hair transplant surgeons. For more information about Dr. Kleinman and our NY location click here.

Sometimes it makes sense to travel outside of your immediate locality for hair transplant surgery. In Brian’s case, he saved several thousand dollars on quotations for both FUT and FUE. The benefits speak for themselves.

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