Hair Transplants among the young and old are no secret. The procedures have been becoming more popular in the recent years. The procedures and treatments are due to a greater awareness of the various options that are available to both men and women who face hair loss.

High profile celebrities can’t escape hair loss either. Though, these celebrities only make up a small percentage of all Hair Transplant surgeries, they are the one’s setting the stage for the rest of us.


Dennis Miller has confirmed the 2,500 grafts he had transplanted on the Bill O’Rilley Show.

Music legend, Elton John, has been rumored for years about his hair loss woes and supposed hair transplant in the 80’s. Though, it is hard to deny the change in fullness and hairline.

Matthew McConaughey recently dispelled the rumors and told Elle magazine, of his hair transplant procedure.

Jamie Foxx has been the center of rumor regarding his new sculpted hairline.

Though not confirmed, Nicolas Cage has a well known receding hairline that has substantial new growth.

Through the years, John Travolta has been rumored to sport a hairpiece and even plugs. We speculate his hairline has finally undergone a hair transplant.

We can’t confirm a hair transplant, Bradley Cooper, however, has confirmed the use of hair loss medication to counter the signs of hair loss.

Though denied, it’s obvious, a hair transplant procedure has taken place with Billy Bob Thorton’s new thicker and fuller head of hair.