Celebrities like John Travolta, Steve Carell, and Jon Cryer are just a few of the large amount of Hollywood stars losing their hair. Very few of them, like Jon Cryer, for example, are coming forward and admitting to their hairloss and the process that is involved to give him a full head of hair under the camera. As told to Conan O’ Brien, “They basically just paint, they get a roller type thing, and just whoosh along the top.”

Joey Fatone, from ‘N Sync, confessed to having a hair transplant after years of wearing hats all the time both on and off stage.

Hairloss is common place for a lot of people. Women, men, celebrities, teachers, etc. When we start noticing it or have others point it out to us, a quick solution will always be to cover or hide it until a hair transplant is acheivable. Call Hair Restoration Centers today and stop hiding your hairloss.