Do you live or work in San Antonio, Texas? Are you losing your hair and considering hair transplant surgery? You’re not alone. Hundreds of men from San Antonio contact us every year, fed up with their receding hairline and thinning crown. Thankfully, there is a solution available that is accessible to all.

Our hair transplant clinic is actually based in Houston, just a 3 hour drive from San Antonio. Although hair transplant clinics do exist closer to home, we believe when you weigh up your options, you’ll understand why so many San Antonio citizens travel to our Houston hair transplant clinic for their procedures.

How do the costs stack up?

The average price paid for hair restoration surgery in the United States is $6.00 per graft. If you need 1500 grafts, you’ll almost certainly pay around $9000 for your procedure.

Travel to our Houston clinic, and pay just $3.75 per graft. For the same number of grafts as in the example above, you’ll pay just $5,625, a 50% saving.

What about the quality of my surgeon?

Want to know why Hair Restoration Centers is the fastest growing hair restoration company in the United States? Because we provide access to the world’s best surgeons at prices you simply won’t find anywhere else.

For just $3.75 per graft, you get access to Dr Carlos J. Puig, a board certified surgeon and one of the most respected hair physicians in the country.