Once you start losing your hair, it doesn’t grow back. That said, we remember the following actors having much less hair than they do now. Talking about it or not, here is a list of Celebrities we have noticed to all of a sudden have a great head of hair.

1) John Travolta

John Travolta has gone through years of different hair styles. Long, short and balding. We are sure we will never get any details to weather or not this celebrity will or has gone through a hair transplant, but if you see his latest photos, we think it’s safe enough to say he is keeping a hair transplant under wraps.

2) Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thorton has obviously had a couple hair transplants. We dare not ask, and we don’t need to. His photos today compared to his early days in 1992 shows a massive amount of work done to give him the thick head of hair you see today.

3) Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander is probably one of the most noticeable actors who has undergone hair transplantation. While being the bald funny guy from “Seinfeld”, the actor has spoken about the transplant and we have to admit, he looks great!

4) Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is a little different in this group. He has never appeared to be losing any hair. He has, however, gained a new hairline which wasn’t there before. He has not admitted to having any type of hair transplant or treatment, but it’s obvious he wasn’t born with it.

5) Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey has gone from thinning at the top to a full head of lush thick hair. We aren’t sure if it’s the result from Laser Therapy, Hair Transplant or even non-surgical sources, but he’s not saying.

6) Jon Cryer

John Cryer is straight up about balding. He is aware of it and doesn’t pretend or hide behind the secret coverups. Jon Cryer has had a Hair Transplant and we love him for it!

7) Steve Carell

Steve Carell has slowly increased the fullness of his hairline since the first season of “The Office”. He hasn’t said anything or admitted to any treatment, but there is clearly much more hair today than there was.

8) Joel McHale

Joel McHale has had people guessing plugs, or even an elaborate toupee. While we don’t believe it to be either of those, a hair transplant looks to have taken place between the show “Community” and his early “The Soup” episodes.

9) Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner has been the talk of hair transplants since early 2006. He is another celebrity who hasn’t come out and admitted the procedure, but we know. No matter the time of the hair transplant, his hair is noticeably different from back in 2006 to today.

10) Jeremy Piven

20 years ago, auditioned for the role of George on an episode of “Seinfeld” to now having a full head of hair. This actor is not letting go of any of his secrets though. Some sources claim the transplant cost up to $12,000, but we will never know as this actor is keeping quiet.