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Jennifer, Thanks for checking in. Yeah, everything went well. Dr. Puig and his staff were super professional, and everything turned out great. I'll keep you posted on how this progresses.

Jennifer it went well. Kudos to you and the team at Rockville. I am doing well and quite pleased with the whole process.

Hi Jennifer. I’ve been very happy with the results... and yes, I’d love to add more density. However, my current position doesn’t allow for such an invasive treatment at this time. I may have to delay for a few years until I retire.

by Robert W. on Hair Restoration Center

Jennifer,  You helped  arrange  surgery in Houston a few years ago with Dr. Puig. You were awesome, and I am totally pleased with his work. I think he is awesome! I am considering an additional surgery to thicken up my crown area. Not bald, just want to thicken up. Thanks so much

Hi Jennifer, Sorry about the delayed response. Not sure if you’re still working or if you’re off for holiday. Either way, just wanted to let you know how fully pleased I am by the process and procedure. Half way through, I took a break, and when I saw myself in the mirror, I almost cried from joy. I’m excited to see it continue to grow in. Thank you do much for referring me to Dr. Ross and his team. They were first class and very welcoming.  Happy Thanksgiving

by Consuelito G. on Hair Restoration Center

Thank you Jennifer. We started at 8:00 am and finished @ 4:00 pm. Dr. Ross was there hands-on and his staff were so amazing and they asked me first what area should I want to get my hair implanted before they started.

by Alexander on Hair Restoration Center

Hello Jen, Praise God, all went Well! Yes we Will see in 3-4 Months for Sure. Thank you Jennifer for your hospitality & Patients with me. They Say if you can have patients for me , you have Patients of a Saint. lol....😄 I wish you & Your Family a Happy Thanksgiving, May GOD Continue to Bless you & the Family.

Hi Jennifer, Thank you for asking! I am doing well. Have had quite a few days off work now been traveling and back to normal. I said your praises while in the office, but I sincerely appreciate your abilities. You have been fantastic to work with.

by Anonymous on Hair Restoration Center

All is going well!!!! Very satisfied.. Thank you and Dr. Syed!

Hi Jennifer, The experience with Dr. Ross and his team was amazing. 🙂 Thank you

Hi Jonathan my hair is growing good. I dont need to wear a hat now.

Hi Jennifer, After 2 years I can say I am pleased with the results of the procedure. Everything went as described. It all falls out initially and grows back in thicker and thicker over the next year and a half. I can now grow a full beard without any awkward Joe Dirt white trashy patches missing!

by Douglas B. on Hair Restoration Center

Good Afternoon! I had my sutures removed this morning.  Everything went smooth with the whole process.  Thank you for your patience and help during this journey!

by Daniel G. on Hair Restoration Center

Hello, everything went really well. Dr Ross and staff were great.

Jennifer, Going great! I still see some growth and results are good. Thanks for checking in and I’ll talk to you at the one year mark.

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