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Hi Jennifer,  I’m going to go for a check with the doctor but I have a full goatee already!  Some scarring here and there that seems to be going away and the hair should get thicker bit like I said full goatee already  at only 4 months post op.

Hi Jennifer,  Yes, I am definitely seeing results and I love them. Thank you so much for your help throughout the entire process and follow up! I did not get any PRP injections and they are still growing. Thank you so much again!! Dr. Marko and Patrick were right when they told me that my edges would turn out great!! I finally have my confidence back after 11 long years!!

Hi Jennifer,  I am very happy with the results.. Thank Dr. Joe for me.  If I want an another procedure I will contact you. Thanks for checking on me. 😊

Hey Jennifer,All is well. Got home this morning and taking it easy.  The staff and surgeon in Rockville, MD was very professional and friendly. I suppose I’ll be in touch as the process of post-procedure advances.  It was pleasure working with you.

Thank you Jennifer.  The team was great.  Very professional and competent.  So far so good.  Not much pain.  Thanks again.

by Andrew C. on Hair Restoration Center

Hey Jennifer, everything is coming in great, I am starting to notice results. I’m excited to see what it’s going to continue to do! I’m happy so far![4 months post-op]

Everything is great no pain at all.... Dr Syed and staff were wonderful!! Thanks for your help!!

Yes thank you Jennifer,It’s like a little brand new lawn up there, I appreciate the follow-up. I’ll touch base with you soon about progress and doing the rest of my head.Thank you

by Richard E. on Hair Restoration Center

Hi Jonathan,All went great! Thanks again sincerely. Dr. Kahen and his team were awesome. Look forward to sharing results in a few months

by Christine D. on Hair Restoration Center

Hi Jennifer. It was a great experience.  Everyone was very kind and the dr. Is a funny guy (Dr. DiStefano)I dont even have any pain today.Thank you so much

by Jordan B. on Hair Restoration Center

Hello Jennifer,So far so good. The drive back to Fresno was a little long..... I'm back at work, still a little puffy in the face, but that should go away by tomorrow.Doc was great and gave me his cell number if I had any further questions. I'm just counting the days till these scabs come off and I can actually shampoo my hair again....haha.You've been awesome Jennifer! Thank you for your patience over the past few years, I really appreciate it.

Hi Jennifer,I loved my results! It filled in great and I love it. I keep wanting to do another touch up session in front at some point but I was hoping to talk another friend into coming to do that with me. I have a few potential friends I'm working on. I'll let you know when I talk them into it and can make a trip out to Cali.Hope things are great with you and thanks for checking in!

Hi Jennifer,good to hear from you!I am very satisfied with the results.I can send pictures on this email chain later. As for the results, I am happy with the hairline and so. I still think I will get another procedure in two-three years to thicken and touch-up. until then I'll need to save up financially.I am definitely recommending your business in the future.

Hi JenniferAll is good. I was very very pleased with Dr Puig. Professional, ethical and a pretty nice guy.I'm looking forward to  a year from now!

by Gregory P. on Hair Restoration Center

Hello,Everything went very well. I couldn’t ask for more from Dr. Heinis and staff. They were outstanding in every way. They made me feel comfortable and were very professional. The doctor will be calling me for a follow up tomorrow. Thank for for checking in and all of your help!!

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