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by Tushar K. on Hair Restoration Center

Hi Jennifer,

I am doing well, Dr Elliott and team were great to work with. Thanks for all your help, will check back with you in 4 months!

by R. Khawaja on Hair Restoration Center

My experience was good, the staff was friendly and professional. I was even given a ride to the airport – that was nice.

My wife and I are satisfied with the results. Dr. Marko and his staff did a good job and he provided good post-surgery  guidance and checked on me via the phone. I might look for additional thickening but won’t be able to fly before June.


by Elvia M. on Hair Restoration Center

Hi Jennifer,

I am doing very well, thank you for staying in touch. I am already having the regrowth, they had fallen off but now they’re growing back fast! i am very happy. Doctor Harris and his assistant were very kind to me. If i have any questions i will let you know.

by Anthony J. on Hair Restoration Center

Hey Jennifer, I cannot thank you enough. Everything went phenomenal and couldn't be more happy, Dr Joe and his staff were great. Heading back to Madison now. Thanks Jennifer and Im sure I'll chat with you again in 4 months.

by Pete on Hair Restoration Center

Hey Jennifer

On Nov 1, exactly four months to the day, I noticed some regrowth right on schedule. As of today my wife thinks I have enough to start brushing because it so unruly! :). It is growing out every day and I am extremely pleased with the progress!

Thanks for checking in, I will send a pic so you can see for yourself.

Hope all is well and say hi to Dr. Marko for me.

by Sean C. on Hair Restoration Center

Hello Jennifer,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. My surgery went very well. Dr. Joe is an Awesome MD. I really enjoyed the experience and the professionalism/kindness of his team.

Thank you again for your help in all of this!

by Deborah on Hair Restoration Center

Hello Jennifer,

My procedure went very well and really loved Dr. Marko and his staff. What a positive experience.

I want to thank you for everything.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

by Ron on Hair Restoration Center

Hi there Jennifer,

WOW! I guess it is about a year. The overall experience was wonderful. Dr. Morno was both professional &outgoing. The staff are wonderful, make you feel completely comfortable. The only suggestion  I could make (nothing to do with staff) would be the same as I told the staff in Vernon Hills. And that is that the building does not indicate who occupies the location. A while back,one of the staff there called me to ask me if I would mind talking to a "undecided" client. I said of course. have him call me. The gentleman called me & it turns out his biggest concern was "Are these people going to be here in a month? Why is there no signage?" . I assured him that "I had had the same concerns BUT was happy that I continued anyway" That is my only suggestion. Maybe the folk who own the buildings don't allow signage. I don't know.

Regarding my results: EXTREMELY delighted with the growth in front. My God! It is amazing how much I am enjoying having this much hair to comb of a morning (God Bless Dr. Morno). Regarding the crown; I think that area is NOT growing as well as the front. It seems I have to carefully comb the back to  cover that area. I think next year we may want to do a procedure again in the crown area.

Overall , Extremely delighted with what has been done so far. Cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Morno.

by M.O. on Hair Restoration Center

Hello Jennifer! I’m fine. Don’t worries. Thank you very much! Thanks Dr Marko. I’m very happy!!!

by Don S. on Hair Restoration Center

Hey Jennifer,

Hope you are well.  Thanks again for all your help. I couldn't have had a better experience.

by Mark K. on Hair Restoration Center

Hi Jennifer,

I'm doing well today, and the center was excellent o their professionalism, rapport. and my procedure. I'm very pleased with my selection. They called today to also follow up and see how everything went last night & today. I will be going next week for my follow up appointments.
Thank you for all of your assistance, and making this a great experience!!!

by Steve on Hair Restoration Center

Hi Jennifer! Everything looks great, I’ve had several haircuts. Because it was gradual no one has said a word, I have actually had several people guess my age twenty years younger than I am. I have considered having it thickened slightly to match the back, any estimates based on my original procedure how much that would run.

by Brian V. on Hair Restoration Center

Hello Jennifer,

Yes, everything is going great! I have definitely seen a lot of regrowth. In fact, I am content with how it currently looks! Thank Dr. Puig for me.

by Cory on Hair Restoration Center


Thank you for the follow up!

Thinks went well with Dr. Elliott. He’s a real character and I really enjoyed his personality. His team was attentive and courteous. The procedure went well, no hiccups and we are boarding a flight back to Boise.

Recovery was exactly what I expected, so no surprises and so far so good. I wish I had don this years ago. (I’m sure you’ve heard that before)!!

We’ll be in touch!

by Carson on Hair Restoration Center

Thank you Jennifer! Im feeling okay, just a little tender to be expected (looks worse than it feels). It has been a pleasure working with you and Dr. Elliott& staff!
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best

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