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Hi Jennifer, all finished.    Thank you for everything. You made this procedure easy for me, and the doctor and his staff where great.  I’ll see how I’m looking after it fully grows to see if I will need another procedure.  I’m hoping I can use your company again. Again, thank you.

I’m feeling great and was very impressed with Dr. Calder and his staff. I have no pain at all and the only meds I’m taking are the antibiotics he’s prescribed. I’m icing and have very little swelling which I’m very happy about. All and all I rate the experience as a 10+. Look forward to the outcome and hearing from you in 4 months.

Everything went well and everyone was great as always. I recommend Dr. Charles always. Thanks.

Hi Jennifer.. The results are phenomenal! I might be interested further down the line! Thank Dr. Puig for me..

Thanks - so far, this has been a terrific experience with you and Dr. Calder......hoping that the new growth does show up in a few months and that it provides the level of coverage I was expecting......nothing we can do except wait between now and then 🙂  Jennifer Thank you for everything.

Jennifer, thank you for checking up with me. Things went very well, I had my stitches removed today. I enjoyed working with Dr. Marko and his medical staff there, they were very knowledgeable and walk me through step-by-step as to what was going to happen. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again for the follow-up...have a Merry Christmas.

Ms. Jennifer, Thank you for your help in making my transplant happen on short notice. Dr. Charles and his whole team is very professional, and I am grateful for every one of you.  It went off with out a problem and perhaps I'll be pretty soon. Then my wife will have no reason to leave me.

Hi Jen .... all went well .... I had the initial discomfort, but as expected is has passed .... Dr. Charles and his associates are all amazing!!! Thanks so much again

Hey there Jennifer, I am doing really great and happy with the procedure and Dr. Puig. I really appreciate all of your help and patience. My schedule was like trying to solve an impossible equation. Seriously though, I do appreciate your help. wish you the best.

Hi Jennifer..Wow, 8 months. The results are great so far and I am very happy even if no more hairs grow in. I'll try to remember to take a picture and send you. I need someone else to help me take it obviously. A selfie probably wouldn't look as good as it should. I can definitely report that the results are wonderful Beyond expectations at this point even if the procedure did take until midnight that day. All good. Thanks for your follow-up and interest. I would definitely recommend you and Dr. Elliott to anyone!

Jennifer, I had a nice day if you can have that kind of day for 6 hours. Everyone was really social we had a lot of talk going on, thank Dr. Charles for me. You can use me for a recommendation any time.

Hey Jennifer... feeling just fine! I’m just happy to be healing up. You’ve been great to work with and so was Dr. Calder. Thanks so much. I will keep you posted.

Hi Jennifer. So far, so good! Hair is starting to grow in, and the donor scar isn’t noticeable unless I bring it up. I totally recommend this to my balding friends. Again, thank you so much for everything!

Hi Jennifer, Very happy with the results. Thank Dr. Elliott for me.

Hi Jennifer, Sorry to not get back with you before now. But yes, it's been 8-9 months since I had 1,102 hair grafts transplanted by you good people. And I'm delighted with the results! Again, I'm delighted. Please tell everybody there with Dr. Morno that I'm so very happy with the results.

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