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Jennifer, I just emailed you! It went great! Thanks for checking back! And Thank Dr. Kahen for me! The only thing is that I really should have stopped somewhere and had the haircut previous to going. I look pretty funny. Other than that, way happy! THANKS!

Hi Jennifer! All done! Feel like a pin cushion. They were very professional and made me feel comfortable. Thank you for all your help in setting this up.

All good.  Dr Ross great guy.  Thanks for the follow up.

by Gregory P. on Hair Restoration Center

Hello! Everything is going very well. I’m starting to see a little bit of growth and with the combination of Propecia I believe the end results are going to be great! Thank you again for all for your help. I can’t say enough about the impeccable service and care from Dr. Heinis and his staff. Thank you!

Jennifer, Everything went well yesterday. Dr. Kahen is absolutely fantastic. I was really happy with him and the procedure. Just recovering right now, I’m back at work today (with a hat) and feeling fine.

Hi Jennifer,  Actually the results so far are quite good. I have actual hair growing throughout the transplant area. It's about .25 inch long and getting thicker day by day. I'm very pleased. Looking forward to the end result in another 4 months or so.

Hi Jennifer,Hope all is well and happy Memorial Day weekend!Jennifer, Dr. Kahen was awesome, and everything went well. So smooth in fact, that I slept through the whole procedure. Lucky me! I had a great personal experience in that sense.

I think it worked out well! I started seeing results in 3 months and my hair was at it's current fullness in 5 months. I have hair in all the bald spots.

Thank you for the follow up!! Growth is good. The hair is healthy and I’ve been pleased with the results so far. Probably most men wished they’d placed more hair for density, and I wish I had too. Maybe I’d consider more procedures down the road, to add more hair and fill in a few spots, but overall I’m happy.  My Wife wishes I’d shave. Sorry, not sorry.

Hi Jennifer,  Everything went very well. I am comfortable with Dr Joe and he does a great job. Thanks for all your help.

Jennifer, Everything is great!  I was really pleased with everything.  So far, so good.  The head shaving was a surprise, but I look good in a bandana and hat.  Dr. Vendetti and Patrick were awesome.  I really appreciated his attitude and demeanor.  Thanks for the followup.

Thank you for following up. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. This has been fantastic not having to do a comb over. I am very satisfied now. I’ll let you know if I’m in a position to do additional work.

by Ernest G. on Hair Restoration Center

Hi Jen😄 I just wanted to tell you that everything was cool !! Thank You so much for your guidance,You truly are an Angel,I got way more than 1400,like 1800,I'm totally lost for words.

Thank you Jennifer everything is going well. Very pleased with the results and professionalism of Dr. Kahen that I received every step of the way. Thank you so much. Will definitely recommend anyone looking to have this procedure done to you.

Hi Jennifer,Everything went well with Dr. Marko and I think everything is healing nicely. I’m really happy with the new hairline. Thanks for checking in!

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