NeoGraft Hair Transplantation

Advanced Form of Hair Restoration Treatment

There are a variety of hair transplant methods available, and over time they have successfully and considerably evolved, offering continually enhanced results. Two of the most common forms of transplants, and also two of the most popular and well documented, are the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) methods. However, there is a cutting-edge version of FUE transplantation called NeoGraft that should be carefully considered.

The NeoGraft hair transplant is an advanced form of hair restoration treatment that is, in essence, an enhanced mode of follicular unit extraction (FUE) that has been cleared and approved by the FDA.

How Does a NeoGraft Transplant Work?

robotic hair transplant - neograft transplantNeoGraft transplants are performed using a semi-automated instrument that both collects and harvests the necessary hair follicles. Thereinafter, they are strategically implanted with precision into the relevant recipient zones. It’s with this actual rigor and accuracy that NeoGraft transplants take follicular unit extraction to the next level. Its phenomenal speed and accuracy makes this procedure both avant garde and pioneering – it’s the new transplant on the block that’s storming ahead and it’s results are definitely well documented and favorable.

As with every FUE transplant, the follicles are collected in groups that vary in number from one to four. Because of this precise form of harvesting, there are no incisions to the donor site. This results in a rapid recovery period and a less invasive form of surgery and no linear scarring. The difference that NeoGraft offers over the routine methods of follicular unit extraction is that it is fully automated, relieving the often arduous hand held work of the surgeon and resulting in an outstanding accuracy and speed that provides considerably distinguished and exceptional results.

Who is Eligible For a NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

A NeoGraft hair transplant is suitable for both men and women who have, or are in the process of, suffering from genetic hair loss. It is a less invasive form of hair transplant surgery, resulting in speedy recovery times and successful overall results.

Aftercare and Final NeoGraft Results

As with any hair transplant, the results will clearly vary from patient to patient. It’s vital to discuss all results with your surgeon and follow the recommended aftercare routine. However, generally, you would expect to notice hair growth after your NeoGraft from around 3 to 6 months, once the implants have been given enough time to establish themselves correctly.