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Hair Transplant Reviews

The following hair transplant reviews have been supplied to us from our happy patients.

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5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 327 reviews)
Very good3%

I’m very grateful for the operation

5.0 rating
January 22, 2020

Hi Jennifer, thank you very much for all of your help. It’s very much appreciated. I’m very grateful for the operation I just got it. I can’t wait for the hair to start growing in now 😊 Dr. Kahen was awesome!

Randy M.

I’m happy with the results

5.0 rating
January 21, 2020

Thank you for your inquiry,
I’m doing good. I feel that it has thickened my thinning areas I had concerns of. At this point I’m happy with the results and will keep an eye on it to see if I do need an other procedure down the road. I will keep you posted as time progresses. Thank you.

Sergio L.

I’m already really happy with the results

5.0 rating
January 15, 2020

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for checking in! The hair growth is about bangs level right now so it’s going well. Looking forward to it growing out fully but I’m already really happy with the results! Please thank Dr. Marko for me..

Alyssa Z.

Absolutely amazing

5.0 rating
January 15, 2020

Thank you for all of your support.
The staff at Washington Medical was absolutely amazing and made me feel at ease.

Lakisha T.

They were awesome and the work is awesome!

5.0 rating
January 15, 2020

Hey Jennifer,

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you just how happy I am with my procedure that Dr. Ross, Judy, and their team did for me! They were awesome and the work is awesome! So far, the results are fantastic and I’m optimistic that this one is going to turn out really well. As time goes by and the hair grows in, I’ll develop a more complete review to post on Yelp (or wherever is the best place to post those types of things – please let me know if you have specific recommendations!) about how great a job Dr. Ross, Judy and his team did and how pleased I am with the results. In the meantime, I think you should feel great about referring folks to Dr. Ross as those folks inquire about hair transplants with you.

Jesse M.

Top notch at what they do

5.0 rating
January 14, 2020

Hi Jennifer,
Feeling great 2nd day post op. A little swelling on my forehead but its under control with icing. Dr Ross and his staff are really top notch at what they do and were incredibility informative.
Talk to you in 4 months.

Frank G.

Everything went great

5.0 rating
January 14, 2020

Everything went great. I’m heading home; what a nice staff over there and Dr. Kahen was amazing. I will let them know when they face time with me that you were the reason I went with this facility because of your overall professional attitude and how nice you were. thank you

Ray M.

No problems, Very satisfied

5.0 rating
January 7, 2020

Hi Jennifer!
My 2nd set of grafts worked out as good the first. No problems, Very satisfied. Next time I plan to be near Boca I will set up an appt to show off my new hair.

Larry K.

Things are great

5.0 rating
December 30, 2019

Things are great, Dr. Kahen was awesome I highly prefer him.

Steve T.

Can’t wait to see the results

5.0 rating
December 18, 2019

Hi Jennifer,
It went great. The Dr. Kahen and everyone was great. Left there last night at 5:00. Stayed in Los Feliz with my brother. Woke up today and I’m feeling great . Really I have almost no pain. I’m driving home and haven’t even needed any pain meds at all. And they did exactly what I wanted.
I sat there and watched sports and half of the time I was sleeping. Can’t wait to see the results now .
Thanks again for all your help.

Steve C.

The best experience

5.0 rating
December 18, 2019

Hey Jennifer,
Thanks for checking in, I am going well. Dr Berberian and team were great and this was the best experience out of all three surgeries. Once again thank you for setting this up. I will follow up with you in 4 months.
Thank you!

Tushar K.

You guys all make A team!

5.0 rating
December 17, 2019

Thanks Jennifer for checking back!!
Dr Tattelbaum and Chris were great! So was all of the staff. You guys all make A team! Thanks for checking back.. We will wait a couple months and do the crown area to completely fill in the scalp!!
Happy Holidays to you and your family..

Neal P.

Wonderful experience

5.0 rating
December 11, 2019

Hi Jennifer: Thank you for checking back with me. Overall there was a wonderful experience with the team including Chris, Dr. Watkins and the medical assistants.
I am recovering very well and have no bruise except some minor bleeding at the donor locations yesterday.

Charlie N.

Super Professional

5.0 rating
December 10, 2019

Thanks for checking in. Yeah, everything went well. Dr. Puig and his staff were super professional, and everything turned out great. I’ll keep you posted on how this progresses.

Kevin Y.

Quite pleased with the whole process

5.0 rating
December 9, 2019

Jennifer it went well. Kudos to you and the team at Rockville. I am doing well and quite pleased with the whole process.

Anand P.
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