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The following hair transplant reviews have been supplied to us from our happy patients.

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5.0 rating
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You earned my trust!

5.0 rating
April 28, 2021

Hi Jennifer,
Yes I have noticed significant growth from about month 3 on, and I am excited to see how full it gets after a year.
I appreciate your follow-up, and wanted to also mention that while Dr Ross and his staff are terrific and did a great job and we’re very personable, I also would never have found him if not for you. Additionally, the toughest part, aside from finances, of deciding to get the hair transplant was trying to navigate the waters of what surgeons to trust with such a noticeable surgery. I had two friends who were skeptical that I needed it and knew people who got them in the past with ugly results. Both said they are very impressed by mine and now see why I got it.
You earned my trust and your knowledge of them and their staffs, etc and your strong recommendation is what convinced me to go for it with Dr Ross, so thank you. It was pretty rough trying to navigate the waters myself. I was mostly considering doing it overseas because of price before I ran into you.
Also, you initially reached out when I filled out the online form. I forgot about it for months but you reached back out a couple months later which got me back thinking about it. Just passing it along so you know your follow-up and personal touch all mattered.
In the end I’m super happy I got it with Dr Ross and would be happy to write a recommendation should one ever be needed.

Mark B.

It is going well!

5.0 rating
April 26, 2021

Hi Jennifer, thanks for reaching out.
Below are two pictures, both after surgery but one before the hair growth and the other 5 months in. It is going well! No regrets and I would be happy to go to back for Dr Ross.

Mark B.

The procedure was a success

5.0 rating
April 22, 2021

Hey Jennifer,
Yes the procedure was a success and I’m very pleased with how friendly and professional Dr. Charles and his are!! I appreciate all your help with my journey. Sounds good I’ll talk to you in a few months!

Blake S.

The surgery went great!

5.0 rating
April 22, 2021

Hi Jennifer,
The surgery went great!
Dr. Kahen and his team were very professional and caring.
I am feeling fine.

Mike B.

We are very happy with his transplants

5.0 rating
April 19, 2021

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for checking on him . Everything went well so far . Dr. Ross and his staff was so nice . We are very happy with his transplants and hoping everything go well as plan.
Thank you once again

Ruby A.

This has been a very positive experience

5.0 rating
April 14, 2021

Jennifer – My travel home yesterday was uneventful. I have no pain and no swelling. This has been a very positive experience. Every person has been very professional, helpful and caring. Thank you

Brian C.

Dr. Charles and the team were awesome!

5.0 rating
April 13, 2021

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for checking in, I appreciate that! Dr. Charles and the team were awesome! It was a long procedure but honestly, it didn’t feel that way. I was relaxed, watched Netflix, and had a great lunch. I was in pain the first night and I’ve had considerable swelling (as to be expected), but I’m following all the directions. I wrote 2 reviews, one on Yelp and another, RealSelf.
I’m wondering when I can blow-dry my hair as I have a job interview on Friday? If you don’t know I’ll ask the office.
Anyway, appreciate the follow-up and fingers crossed for a head full of hair!!
Thanks Jennifer!

Teresa M.

Everyone was pretty nice

5.0 rating
April 7, 2021

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for checking. Everything went ok with the procedure & Dr. Fardad and everyone was pretty nice.
I am just sleeping a lot now.

Paul P.

I am very satisfied with the procedure

5.0 rating
March 24, 2021

Hey Jennifer,
Everything went well last Thursday. It was a long day too. I did go there thinking i was gonna get more done than what was actually done but the Dr explained everything to me and i am very satisfied with the procedure. My head is still healing so i have been taking it easy with everything i do and trying not to bump it on something. I cant wait until day 7 where i can go back to normal again. I am rocking a shaved head with my beard so i do look quite different already 🙂 It will be interesting to see how i will be looking soon, im excited for that. Thanks for checking in 🙂
Also, The staff there at the Orlando office were super nice and very helpful and i do appreciate everything they did for me.

Eric P.

Everyone in the office was great

5.0 rating
March 18, 2021

I am feeling well. Thank you for asking. Every one in the office was great and made me feel good.
Hope this to be successful.
Thank you

Yosief G.

Everything went well

5.0 rating
March 17, 2021

Hi Jennifer,
Happy St Patrick’s Day!
Thanks for checking in. Everything went well and the guys were very good and professional. Not too much pain now – just time to play the waiting game.
I didn’t get as many as grafts as I had hoped so may look to do a top up next year at some stage. I have a few friends who are interested as well so I may send them your way.

Ciarán B.

Results are great

5.0 rating
March 11, 2021

Dr. Syed and his staff were fantastic. Results are great as well. This procedure covers what I needed to accomplish for work. Don’t see having another procedure.

Guy V.

I very much appreciate your recommendation

5.0 rating
March 11, 2021

Thank you for checking back in, Jennifer.
It’s been a full 24 hours now since the operation, and I’m feeling fine.
I very much appreciate your recommendation of your Orlando clinic. I felt very comfortable and confident in Dr. Syed and his team.
Thanks again for all your guidance hopefully in those four months, I’ll have some more hair.

Benjamin F.

I am very happy with the results

5.0 rating
March 10, 2021

Hello Jennifer,
I am doing fine.
Thank you for your follow up and sorry for delayed reply.
Hair are growing fine and I am very happy with the results. I am hoping to get more density in next few months as you mentioned.
I am so glad that I did this procedure with you and Dr. Kahen.

Divyank S.

Thank you all so much

5.0 rating
March 4, 2021

Hi Jennifer yes everything went well the staff and Chris was so helpful in Maryland. I thank you all so much.


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