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Hair Transplant Reviews

The following hair transplant reviews have been supplied to us from our happy patients.

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5.0 rating
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Very good3%

Very happy

5.0 rating
May 26, 2020

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for checking in! Yes I was very happy with the day of the procedure and Dr. Kahen and staff, now just have to hope the results turn out well too!
The healing, so far, is much better than previous. As you know he uses a dif anesthetic that, so far, has had less swelling which is a big deal to me.
Any who, thanks for the help and patience with me through this. Hope you’re well!

Devin W.

All went well

5.0 rating
May 21, 2020

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for checking in. All went well with Dr. Ross and his team, they were very welcoming and helpful. I am feeling well, nothing out of the ordinary, just a little swelling across the forehead which I expected. No pain or indications of excessive bleeding, so I hope the healing process will be quick and steady. I am eager to see the results although I know it will be a journey, but I have a feeling I could need a fill-up session with time once the density is established.
But as far as the process is concerned I can say it went well.
If I have any questions I not hesitate to reach out to you, you have been great help!
Thanks again.


Life changing

5.0 rating
May 13, 2020

Amazing work. Congrat’s to the Doctors. Life changing, thanks so much.
We’ll see if there’s room for improvement around the one-year mark when we see the full results.
Best Regards.

Troy H

Such a wonderful experience

5.0 rating
May 12, 2020

Thank you for checking upon me.
Its been a long 5 months and I do see hair growth developing and excitedly awaiting more growth. Some of it already an inch in length.
I did developed some foliculitis but was able to get it resolved early.(it helps to be a nurse).
Maybe if I can get those pictures they took of my head the day before the surgery I’ll be able to see the difference. Can you arrange that for me? I study my hair growth daily and therefore it seems very slow.
I was very pleased with my doctor and his staff. They made it such a wonderful experience. My face swelled up for days but the doctor called me several times and made me feel at ease. And he was right, everything worked out the way he assured me. Love it. Thank you for the referral.
Attached is my face 4 days after the surgery and the 2nd picture 2 weeks after. The swelling was scarry but it resolved within a week just as Dr. Glenn Charles explained.
Again, he was amazing.

Nadia F.

Totally life changing

5.0 rating
May 11, 2020

Hi Jennifer,
Overall wonderful experience! I would like to set up a call for a review of my progress!
I am getting a good amount of calls asking me for my experience (even today from a friend who said she would call you) and want me to refer them to who did my hair.. Dr. Marko is great!
I have about 3 inches of growth so far and my results are amazing!!! Totally life changing

Elise W.

My experience was very pleasant

5.0 rating
April 17, 2020

Hey Jennifer,
Yes, I’m pretty satisfied with the results. I have more scalp coverage and the extra hair makes my facial structure look more symmetrical which was my intended goal.
My experience last year was very pleasant. The facility was very modern and clean and the staff was professional and friendly.
I’ve already decided I want a second procedure to make my hair more full. But I likely can’t schedule it til late this year or early 2021. I’ll contact you once I know for sure when I’ll be available.
Thank you.


I am satisfied...

5.0 rating
April 16, 2020

Hi Jennifer,
I am satisfied with Dr. Ross’ work. I already noticed the growth as early as 3 months, and as it goes along, I noticed that the shiny portions are slowly dissipating as many new hairs keep growing. Thanks for recommending him to do the procedure.
Thanks a lot.


Very happy with the results!

5.0 rating
March 12, 2020

Very happy with the results!! Thank you so much!!

Brian M.

Still very happy

5.0 rating
March 12, 2020

Hi Jennifer.. yes still very happy maybe sometime this year I might be interested in getting more grafts done with Dr. Marko.

Craig K.

Very professional

5.0 rating
March 11, 2020

Hi Jennifer
Thank you for asking, I’m feeling fine, everything went well with Dr Kahen, very professional, can’t wait to see the results. Thanks again for your help, have a good day!

Carlos R.

Healing looks great already

5.0 rating
March 4, 2020

Hi Jennifer,
Doing great. Everyone in Dr. Syed’s office were fantastic. Healing looks great already.

Guy V.

Everything looks good

5.0 rating
March 3, 2020

Hello Jennifer
So far everything looks good, I would like to have a follow up appointment with Dr. Ross at the one year mark for the doctor to evaluate my progress.
Thank you

David H.

Everything worked out fine

5.0 rating
March 3, 2020

Everything worked out fine. Dr Charles was great. I have you in my files for the future with me or a friend or family member.

Alfred R.

The growth is SO great!

5.0 rating
March 3, 2020

Hey Jennifer
I was actually thinking to text Dr Ross today.
The growth is SO great! I’m only a few months in and already have my hairline back and a lot of growth it’s unbelievable and 1000% better than before. I’m super happy with the growth and results so far it feels like a real legit hair restoration.
Hope all is well with you

Wozzi R.

It was awesome

5.0 rating
March 2, 2020

Thank you jenn, it was awesome with Dr. Ross and staff. Well, it was slow and sometimes painful, but the results look amazing! The new graphs look as even as the original hair.
I will send you pictures through the change

Reed U.
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