Our hair restoration procedures are the most affordable in the United States, due to our winning combination of the lowest hair transplant costs and industry-leading finance plans and alternative payment options.

Cash Payment

Cash may be used to pay for your balance payment on the day of your surgery. A cash payment is not an acceptable form of payment for deposits or advance surgery payments.

Personal Check

Personal checks may be used for deposit and advance surgery payments only. Checks must be received within 3 days of booking your appointment, and at least thirty days before your surgery date. Any returned check warrants a $100 return check fee before an alternative deposit can be transacted. Personal checks may be used for advance surgery payments so long as the payment is received at least thirty days before your surgery date.

Cashier’s Checks/Money Orders

Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders may be used as deposit, advance surgery and/or balance payments. Because these tenders are amount specific, should your balance payment be more than the amount on the face of the check, you will be required to provide additional payment tender. Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders must be received within 3 days of booking your appointment for deposit payments, and at least thirty days before your surgery date for both deposit and advance surgery payments.

Credit Cards

HRC credit cards

Credit card payments may be used as deposit, advance surgery and balance payments. This is HRC’s preferred payment tender. Should you be using a bank/debit card with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo affixed to the front, be sure to check your daily spending limit with your bank and increase this limit if necessary.

Lending Club


Lending Club (Springstone) accounts must be pre-approved prior to surgery. To apply for Lending Club for a surgery with Hair Restoration Centers, be sure to visit Our Lending Club Lending Page. Lending Club accounts may be used for balance payments only. We currently offer 6 & 12 Month No Interest Plans, as well as 24, 36, 48 & 60 Month Extended Plans for your convenience. Existing Lending Club accounts may be used. Discuss these options with your Patient Advisor.

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What is a deposit and why is it required?  A deposit is a payment made in advance of your surgery that retains your appointment time.   Hair Restoration surgery has become one of the most trendiest and sought after cosmetic procedures.  For that reason HRC only makes surgery appointments with deposits to avert last minute cancellations and missed appointments.    Deposit payments vary and can be discussed with your Patient Advisor.

Are deposits refundable?  A deposit is only refundable up to two weeks prior to your scheduled surgery appointment.  If cancellation is required within the two weeks leading to your appointment, your deposit can be transferred to your rescheduled appointment, or forfeited if arrangements are not made within 7 days of the cancellation to reschedule your surgery appointment.  If you do not show up on your appointment date your deposit will be indefinitely forfeited.

When do I pay my balance payment on my surgery day?

  • Balance payments are paid preliminarily upon check-in by way of authorization.
  • All credit cards will be authorized for the estimated amount.
  • Cash, money orders and cashier’s checks will be procured and authorized.
  • Finance accounts will be pre-charged.
  • Additional payment form(s) will be discussed and documented.

Once a final graft count is known, authorizations and pre-charges will be finalized and, if required, additional payment form(s) will be processed.