Hair Transplant Candidate

To achieve the best outcome from your procedure, it is important to establish whether or not you are a suitable candidate for a hair transplant. To do so, we need to ensure that your expectations match what is achieveable by our surgeon, and your budget.

Prior to any surgery, we strongly recommend you discuss your expectations with your surgeon. Your surgeon will explain the different hair restoration techniques and what you can realistically expect from each one, and why. Patients who have realistic expectations are generally satisfied with their decision to proceed, and pleased with their results.

After your consultation and examination, your surgeon will decide on the placement of your hair grafts in order to achieve the best result.

All techniques for surgical hair transplants do the same thing: they take hair from where it is currently growing and transplant it to an area on your scalp where you have lost hair. All hair replacement techniques will use your own growing, healthy hair. Grafts are not made using someone else’s hair. This means that if you are to have this procedure, you MUST have healthy hair on your scalp, that is available to be transplanted. The areas from which healthy hair will be harvested are referred to as “donor areas.” Your hair color, texture, and the degree of curl of your donor hairs all affect the outcome and appearance.

Hair transplant surgery has a high success rate, is generally painless, and within a couple weeks of your procedure there will be no visible signs of surgery.

Your surgeon’s skill ensures that your result will look natural; no one will know you had a hair transplant. Your new hair will gradually grow in and your hair loss problem will be solved. No more taking medication that doesn’t work or covering your thinning hair with headgear.

Hair transplants do work, yes. In fact, hair replacement surgery may be the best decision you can make for your self-confidence.

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