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Everything went well and I was very please with Dr. Elliott and the procedure. Thank you for your help.

by Michael S. on Hair Restoration Center

Hello Jennifer, I couldn’t be more happier with the Procedure, the immediate results, And the ongoing results that reveal themselves every day. Doctor Calder Is nothing short of an artist. The time and care he took in the placement of the new grafts and and, to re-create my previously intact natural hairline, was humbling And the results fantastic with a completely natural look. I can’t think Dr. Calder/Dr. Elliott enough for his care, professionalism, and artistry. A great experience all in all. Thank you for being part of it Jennifer. Thank you once again for your guidance and assistance in my selection process.

Hey Jennifer, We’re closing in on one year, and WOW, what a difference! I just updated my Bumble profile to pictures of me with thick hair, and I’m getting way more matches! 😂 I can’t thank you all enough. Many of my friends ask me about it, and I was wondering where all of your locations are, as I have friends in different parts of the country. Thanks again!

Hello Jennifer. The procedure went well, they were are really nice and the Dr was great! I preferred Dr Elliot to the previous surgeon, he had a few tricks/tips that made the whole thing easier and less painful!

Jennifer, please thank Dr. Marko and all of your staff for me. The procedure was far more pleasant than I had imagined and everyone was so professional, thorough and informative. I'm sure I'll have good results in the months to come. You even saved me some money over going to Tijuana for the same number of grafts. I couldn't believe the pricing. Thanks so much.

by Madeline B. on Hair Restoration Center

Hi Jennifer..  And thank you so much for asking. I'm very excited to say that this journey has been life changing! I was scared and not exactly sure of what I was getting my self into but it was interesting to find out that everything I was told about the journey, actually happened. This made the process much less stressful for me. The Only thing that was a problem for me personally, was the 1st days of my surgery  I was told that I would need 2 days away from work.  So I scheduled my appointment on a Saturday and called off Sunday and Monday lol however when I went back to work on Tuesday my face began to swell. I wish someone would have told me that the swelling doesn't take effect until days after the surgery. It took about a week and a half  to completely subside. That was hard for me. Other than that,  it was smooth sailing lol. My results are absolutely beautiful. (I hope that doesn't sound conceited) lol  I feel like myself again. I dont feel like any extra surgery is needed. I'm very satisfied. Very happy! Thank you all for making this an Experience that I will never forget. I will always be able to tell my Trials and tribulations of my hair experience.

Hi Jennifer, My hair is looking great and I'm super happy with the results! Of course I could always use more, who couldn't ?  🙂 I have a few friends that could really use the surgery so I keep trying to talk them into going to you. So I'll reach out when I can get them to commit and probably come along for moral support and do a fill in session myself. Hope your day is great and thanks for reaching out and talk to you here at some point in the near future!

Hi Jennifer, Nice to hear from you. Yes, all went well so far.  The staff was really nice and funny.  I have just under 2000 grafts, and it took almost 5 hours :/  I work in the hospital and knee/hip replacement only take about 2 hrs or less so that was a surprise. Dr. Charles was great and he gave me his personal cell number. He also text to check on me knowing I can't talk on the phone. That was nice of him. Beside pain and discomfort which I was expecting, nothing major.  I was able to get over the pain well, it getting less each day.  I did however have a big bump on my forehead as if I fell or got hit in the head.  Spoke with Dr. Charles and he said it was normal. I'll be back to have the suture remove next week. I know it been a long time. I think 3 yrs before I decided to do it.  Wasn't sure if it worth it but we'll find out 🙂 My brother also having some hair loss. If this is a success, I'll sure refer him to you.

Thank you and yes all went well and the pain has subsided already.  Dr. Calder and his staff were AWESOME! Talk to you in 4 months hopefully with all good news.  Also thank you for everything as well!!

Everything went perfect. Dr. Charles and his staff are Amazing.  Was a pleasure having my procedure there.  Thank you.

by Harjinder S. on Hair Restoration Center

Hi Jennifer, The whole experience has been great. I’m on vacation so taking extra care of my new plantation. LOL. Thank you and have a great day.

Hi Jennifer, Thank you for the follow-up, I meant to send this earlier. I had the sutures removed at day 10 and the scar-line looks great! If you could pass on a professional compliment to Dr. Charles, this procedure was a great experience and the grafts look phenomenal!!..exceptional work, unparalleled natural look, it is a "Hollywood Hairline." Dr. Charles is the only surgeon I ever plan on working with in the future should the need for future grafts or new treatments arise, thanks again!

Hello Jennifer, I am starting to see some growth. The numbness on the top of my head is pretty much gone. And Dr. Marko was great. I am running into some ingrown hairs but that has always been common for me. I believe it is because my hair is so fine it has a difficult time pushing through my scalp. Thank you so much for checking in with me. great customer service. Have a great day!

Hi Jenn I have so much hair people are asking if I got a wig .  I truly want to come one more time.  Dr. Kleinman said I could get a little more.

Hi Jennifer, I'm satisfied with the results and don't anticipate getting another procedure. Thank Dr. Kleinman for me.

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