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Hello Jennifer, I am so tired of getting haircuts!!! LOL  It looks great.  Will head to Boca soon so Dr. Charles can take a look.

Hi Jeanell, I just wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciate you and Dr. Morno and her team. I appreciate your competent and reassuring care. You made a major difference and helped the situation to turn out so positively. I also appreciate you being available when I needed to call or text you at all times. Thank you again for being there and for helping me to get through it.

Hi Jennifer, Everything went great, Always great to have Dr. Joe work on me.

Hi Jennifer.. Everyone including Dr. Morno were wonderful. It was an interesting afternoon. I give everyone an A+ they are fantastic people as well as thank you for all your q&a chats.

Hi Jennifer.. My hair is really growing in. I got a short haircut so hair is now same length as transplanted areas. It will now grow at same pace. Amazing ! Thank Dr. Fardad for me.

Dear Jeanell, thank you for checking on me. I am happy with the outcome of the surgery and actually, my eyebrows are growing very quickly and I must keep trimming them regularly. I will try to attach some good pics once I make it back home. All the best to you and thank you for your help to choose the right doctor. I  have also sent a personal "Thank you" note to Dr. Charles and his amazing team.

Hi Jennifer. I was very anxious and continued to have second thoughts right up until meeting Dr. Morno. She & her team were simply amazing.  Her team made sure I was comfortable the entire day and believe me it was a long day. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering the procedure. Thank you for the follow-up. Things seem to be well at this point.

I am very happy with the results.  Say hi to Dr. Fardad for me. Thanks

Hey Jennifer, I just wanted to follow back with you about my procedure with Dr. Morno. I was very impressed and thought this clinic was Top Notch. I was nervous not meeting the doctor prior, but once I walked into the office I immediately felt like this was the right decision. The staff and the doctor were great! I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you again for all your help.

Hey Jennifer....all good here...not much to tell...very pleased with my results and Dr. Joe.....not looking at anything in the near future...thanks for checking on me and take care.

Hi Jennifer, I am doing great. I was very impressed with  Doctor Charles and his employees, ( Professional , efficient, friendly) at first I was worried because the Doctor informed me that I had a lot of weak hair in the same area as my transplants and that they would fall out due to the trauma in the area, they did. I now have a lot more hair in the area and more fuzzies are in transit. I thank you for the guidance and will highly recommend you and Doctor Charles to all . THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU

Jeanell,  wanted to thank you for all the help.  Dr Elliott was great and overall the team did a great job at a great price. So thanks much!

Hi Jennifer, Surgery was great! We ended up going with 1,600 grafts, and Dr. Elliott and surgical team all said they think I'll get a very good result. The shape of my new hairline looks perfect and I can't wait for the hairs to grow in.

Thank you Jennifer! Every single person was extremely kind and genuine. Dr. Morno was great! Thank you again for all your help. 

Hi Jennifer, Thanks for being in touch. Result is awesome and I'm very happy. I don't think so I need other procedure at this point. But you and Dr. Kleinman will be my first choice if I need procedure in future.

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