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Hi Jennifer..Wow, 8 months. The results are great so far and I am very happy even if no more hairs grow in. I'll try to remember to take a picture and send you. I need someone else to help me take it obviously. A selfie probably wouldn't look as good as it should. I can definitely report that the results are wonderful Beyond expectations at this point even if the procedure did take until midnight that day. All good. Thanks for your follow-up and interest. I would definitely recommend you and Dr. Elliott to anyone!

Jennifer, I had a nice day if you can have that kind of day for 6 hours. Everyone was really social we had a lot of talk going on, thank Dr. Charles for me. You can use me for a recommendation any time.

Hey Jennifer... feeling just fine! I’m just happy to be healing up. You’ve been great to work with and so was Dr. Calder. Thanks so much. I will keep you posted.

Hi Jennifer. So far, so good! Hair is starting to grow in, and the donor scar isn’t noticeable unless I bring it up. I totally recommend this to my balding friends. Again, thank you so much for everything!

Hi Jennifer, Very happy with the results. Thank Dr. Elliott for me.

Hi Jennifer, Sorry to not get back with you before now. But yes, it's been 8-9 months since I had 1,102 hair grafts transplanted by you good people. And I'm delighted with the results! Again, I'm delighted. Please tell everybody there with Dr. Morno that I'm so very happy with the results.

Jennifer: Thank you for checking on me. Everything went better than I could have hoped for. I was completely satisfied with Dr. Charles and his entire team. I need to say, this is a complicated issue and one in which I am not technically able to easily distinguish between advertisements and claims. I would have probably chosen a doctor closer to home. I cannot credit you enough with being the reason I decided to use Dr. Charles. I think your testimony of your husband was the overriding factor. You were professional in every way and helpful and reassuring. Thanks for all you did.

Wow!!!! Big difference.... I have one problem though, I can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror.... when I see a mirror, I have to stop to look at my hair... lol. I love it!!!!

Hi Jennifer, Everyone at Dr. Calder's office were great. The pain is minimal but I'm a bit swollen which is to be expected after being poked in the face 700 times. Thank you for the follow up.

Hi Jennifer. I found Dr. Calder and his staff to be superior to my previous experiences.  Once again thank you.

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to thank you for making my procedure so simple and quick. This was a big decision for me and it seemed that every time I tried to get serious I’d send out inquiries and receive lots of homework. I’d get frustrated and put it on the back burner again. When I reached out, you answered the phone and you were able to answer all my hundreds of questions without having to check. Your caring style and positive attitude was just what I needed. It’s important to me that I did not have to talk to anybody but you until the actual day of the procedure. One person who knows everything from start to finish. That was never the case with my other inquiries and this above all else (including price) was what made me eager to quickly move ahead with you. Now it is all behind me and I must say Dr. Calder and his staff were great. He was really engaging and a very respectful man to not just me, but to his team. I could clearly see that they really liked him a lot. Certainly the coolest surgeon I’ve ever met.  It made the afternoon go by quickly. In a world of over selling and under delivering it was really nice to see such a process go so smoothly and comfortably. Great Job.

Thanks Jennifer. Dr. Charles and his staff were awesome..

Hi Jennifer!! Everything went great, Dr. Charles and his staff were amazing! Other than the back of my head being a little sore, I am good to go. Thank you so much for putting up with me and making sure I was taking care of. You have been fantastic! Talk to you soon!

Jennifer, The results are phenomenal. I would have to say I'm very satisfied. Its hard to believe that there are still 4 months in which more hair could theoretically grow. I'm already surprised as to how much was possible to regrow.

Hi Jennifer! All went well.  Dr. Calder was wonderful.  He answered all of my questions/concerns, helped me to have confidence that this was the correct decision for me, and he instilled a component of actual concern related to any apprehensions I may have had.  The experience was nothing like a money-mill of patience being processed through his office. Dr. Calder and his staff were amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to place my trust in related to hair restoration. Thank you for guiding me through my decision marking process. I undoubtedly had many questions and your patience was most welcomed. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you once again for your service.

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