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Hi Jennifer, I am doing well and very pleased with my results.  I may want to do some thickening in the crown area or perhaps at the hairline, however I think I'll wait another year or 2 before making that decision. Please follow up with me then if you don't mind.

[4 Months in] It's coming in good and I'm very happy with it! Thanks again for all your help!

Hi Jennifer..  I wanted to thank you again for your kindness and help through this procedure.  Your initial help put me at ease, and your continued contact to ensure all was well, demonstrates not only professionalism, but a dedication to your clients.  Bottom line is, it means a lot to me, and I appreciate it.

Hey Jenn.. I am extremely happy with the results.

Hey Jennifer, So sorry for the delay, I pretty much jumped right back into work last Monday, which is always heavy at a Start up. The day of the procedure was crazy amounts of being sore after but after sleeping the entire night I woke up with almost no pain at all. In fact I didn't even use the painkillers just Tylenol the first few days. I just saw Dr. Kleinman today to have my stitches out and he says everything is healing well. I can already see the difference. Now to just await the eventual shafts falling out so I can be super excited about the new hairs growing in. It was definitely an experience being my first foray into any sort of cosmetic surgery but all in all, a damned good one. Thanks so much for coordinating and giving me the better option with someone who really knows what they are doing. Now to look forward to the three month follow up! Thanks again! and thanks for checking on me!

Hi Jennifer.. Hair growth is significant. I am truly very happy!

Everything went relatively smoothly, no true complaints. Dr. Fardad and staff were great.  I think you and I worked pretty well together on this, thanks for making this easy, I’m glad I called you. Best for you.

Things went really well.  Had a bit of an anxiety attack put they helped me through it.  Dr. Joe explained things well and the staff was very friendly.  One of the staff (African American - don't know her name) was very friendly making a few jokes and explaining some of the odd questions that I had.  One thing caught my eye.  The idea that they wrap the TV remote in plastic for each patient is a great idea.  There are a lot of germs in those things.  I have a person at work who talked to me about it once he found I was ding it.  He has been considering it.  I will pass your name on.

I am seeing a ton of new growth!! I have been for the past 2 months. I am very satisfied and am incredibly happy with the results so far. I can't wait for more growth to come in. I have told a ton of friends about y'all and vouched that it truly works. I am taking Finasteride regularly as well as a topical gel solution made by CVS. It is similar to Rogaine and I hear it is better. My hair line is visibly better and I rarely wear a hat now.

by Preetinder on Hair Restoration Center

Hey there Jennifer thank you for the email. My results are looking great after a year, and I do have plans on having another procedure done probably sometime within the next year for which I will let you know. I will follow up later this week with updated pictures Thank you again for your help.

Thank you! I'm thrilled that it's already been one year since my procedure and the hairs have grown in well. They are long enough now to be bangs. Yay!

I wanted to drop a quick line to all of those that may be considering a hair transplant. I will tell you I was a skeptic. I did my research for educational purposes and it scared me!  I read horror stories on forums about places that are unclean and doctors who were less than knowledgeable. However, my primary concern was that I would get charged for more grafts of hair than transplanted. So I walked in the rainy Minneapolis morning, in protection mode, it is after all a surgery. As I said- I was a skeptic and I ran Doctor Josephitis, (or as he goes by, Dr. Joe) through the ringer. He took his time consulting with me prior to my surgery and he was patient too. At one point even willing to refund my money if  it didn't feel right to me.  But, more importantly his work was great. The whole staff at Shapiro Medical Group were accommodating and kind. It takes quite a while to see the results at first, I thought that my major concern was realized, but as Jennifer Michaels (my rep) told me, "be patient" it takes a while for the hair growth cycles to fill out your hair line. I read this before too- and it's true. I also told Jennifer that I had a budget I had to stay within, and there too, she made it work. Even now, months after the surgery checks in- to see how my "good hair days" are going. They are good as evidenced by my pictures. If it was for a fast buck I don't think she'd do that. I understand your concern- I was there! I know what it's like to spend what could be a nice used car on your head and want the best results for the money. This is the place. This is a good and reputable organization, you get what you pay for. And- maybe in my case, more. Thank You for a job well done- Dr. Joe, Jen and SMG.

Thank you for reaching out. In regards to the hair restoration, the overall experience was great. Not very painful and overall it worked very well for both of us. My girlfriends results are good and her hair is still growing. She has reached approximately 6 inches of hair so far. My results are great as well.

Hello Jennifer, I am so tired of getting haircuts!!! LOL  It looks great.  Will head to Boca soon so Dr. Charles can take a look.

Hi Jeanell, I just wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciate you and Dr. Morno and her team. I appreciate your competent and reassuring care. You made a major difference and helped the situation to turn out so positively. I also appreciate you being available when I needed to call or text you at all times. Thank you again for being there and for helping me to get through it.

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